Walton MBA Fall 2020 Overview

After moving to remote instruction in mid-March 2020, the University of Arkansas and Walton MBA programs have returned for the Fall 2020 semester with a combination of both remote and in-person class options to maintain a quality educational experience while also protecting the health and safety of the students and faculty.

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Full-time Walton MBA Internships

The Walton MBA internships are incredibly beneficial to students because they allow for the development of valuable work experience based on the student’s interest. Lindsey Steiger-Muck, assistant MBA director at the Walton MBA programs said, “Students have the opportunity to explore a potential career path and give themselves a competitive edge in the job market based on the skills they’ve learned.” Molly Bombonato, Robert Cummings, Sean Grady, Meritt Rae and Sydney Wendfeldt spoke about their internship experiences.

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Jeff Murray’s New Executive MBA Podcast

Jeff Murray, professor in the Department of Marketing at the Sam M. Walton College of Business, joined the University of Arkansas in 1989. Murray, a Colorado-native turned long-term Arkansas resident, currently teaches in the Executive MBA and Full-time MBA programs at Walton College. When the university moved to remote instruction in March, Murray wanted a high-context medium to ease the lack of face-to-face interaction with his Executive MBA students. He kept coming back to the idea of a podcast. Season 1 of Hidden Signs is now available to students, alumni and the public.

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Walton MBA New and Returning Programs

Walton MBA will host several new and returning programs this fall. Walton Fuse, Walton MBA Learning Series, Walton MBA Conversations and the Professional Development workshop series will bring industry experts and leading business topics to Walton MBA students, alumni and the public. Registration links for public events available on Walton MBA LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram one week prior to the event date.

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The Tango Press Business Model with John Ballentine

Small businesses are facing the brunt of COVID-19 shutdowns. In one of the first analyses of the impacts of the pandemic on small businesses, Stanford reported a 22% reduction in active small business owners between February and April – an estimated loss of 3.3 million businesses in less than three months. However, some businesses are thriving under the current social and economic climates. Walmart’s online sales are up 74% and telehealth visits are skyrocketing. But why are some businesses doing better than others?

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